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    Your appointment at Bella Mucci's will truly be unforgettable. Upon arriving for your appointment, you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire about the details of your upcoming wedding and what kind of gown you will be looking for. 

    Our consultants assist one bride at a time to provide undivided attention. Your bridal consultant will interview you and look at any photos you may have to develop a better understanding of your style interests, while your guests wait in the comfort of the reception area. 

     After your gowns have been chosen, you will be escorted to the dressing rooms to get ready. When you come out in your first gown, your guests will be relaxing in the viewing area, all ready to watch your fashion show and help you say "yes" to the most gorgeous dress !  

     We try our best to keep our “samples” in the best possible condition, Please no; lotions, self-tanner,perfumes or heavy make-up. We do not supply undergarments, but for your own comfort,  you are welcome to bring a strapless bra or spanx. Underwear is required, however. 

     We suggest to bring shoes the height of your planned wedding shoe, we may need to measure the dress for a special length, depending on the design or intricate lace hem.

     Although we love them, we request no babies or children. Appointments are up to 2 hours and this will allow us and your guests to focus on our beautiful bride!

Congratulations!! We look forward to helping you find the perfect gown!

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