Bella Mucci’s is committed to maintaining and following a safe and healthy workplace for our dress consultants and guests. We are closely monitory in ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak according to the guidelines and recommendations of the CDC (center for disease control and prevention), and  Ventura county guidelines. We want to share with you the actions we are taking to help protect our employees and guests.

     We are following the advise of public health authorities’ guidance regarding hygiene. We’ve reinforced existing policies requiring dress consultants who exhibit flu-like symptoms to stay home and consult with a medical professional. We encourage our customers to do the same. Our dress consultants have been taking COVID-19 tests with required negative results.  

     These additional safety procedures are being followed to protect the health of our guests as well as our staff:

     We are by appointment only. We schedule a maximum of three brides on any given day. 

     Brides are allowed to bring maximum of two guests to their appointment. Anyone entering the store must: Wear a facial mask covering nose and mouth, (no facial covering; no entry) and have a “non-contact” temperature taken outside our front door. Anyone with a  temperature over 99.5 will not be allowed entry. We will provide hand sanitizer before entry. Fill out a brief COVID-19 questionnaire where we will record your body temperature and will also include our dress consultant's current temperature.

     If you or your guests feel ill or have run a fever 12 hours prior to your appointment, please reschedule for a later date when you’re feeling better and your fever is in the normal range. 

     Once in the store, you will have a seat in the foyer while we interview the bride and establish a style and look she is searching  for. The dress consultant will pull the gowns based on our discussion, photos you may have brought or pinned on your phone, your wedding venue, theme, time of year, etc.

     We do request you stay seated during the appointment. We welcome your ideas and your dress consultant will be happy to show you whatever styles you would like to see. At this time brides and guests may not search through or touch merchandise. 

     All guests in the store are asked to respect social distancing. Please do the very best you can to keep your nose and mouth covered by your mask and maintain six feet of separation between you and all other people in the store. (In case you forget, we do have lace and disposable  masks available for purchase.)

     Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to helping you find the dress of your dreams!!